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Who are we?

The Vantage team has gradually introduced the concept of precision agriculture in the Romanian farms being the only company on the market that offers a complete cycle of services and products intended for the practice of precision agriculture, as well as technical support and consulting.

The solutions offered by Vantage radically transform the seeding process. Vantage helps farmers increase efficiency and reduce costs by providing solutions for: all field operations, soil analysis, crop monitoring, machine guidance, nutrient management, irrigation systems harmonization, analysis of weather information, machine monitoring and fuel consumption.

For us, agriculture is not just a business, but a field to which we have been linked for many years.

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What we do?

Our goal is to help farmers by offering them the full circle of precision agriculture solutions to increase their production and yield on their farms.

We aim to make farmers work much easier and more automated so they can focus on the things that really matter to them.

Our most successful in-house digital agriculture projects

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Currently in our portfolio we have world leaders in producing GPS equipment, agronomical services, fleet management software, wheaters stations