Precision Agriculture

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Corn Day, an event for Vantage team and farmers

Vantage specialists met with Romanian farmers in the VIII edition of the “Corn Day” event held on September 14, Orezu Village, Ialomita County. Dator...

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Precision farming practices boost operating profits

If you’re running a large corn or soybean operation, you’re a lot more likely to be using precision agriculture practices and seeing results like incr...

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3 Efficient Solutions for the harvest season with Trimble

Since June, the farmers are in extremely busy as we’re rapidly approaching the season of harvest. Efficient harvesting solutions from Trimble and prop...

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Vantage – speaker la evenimentul “Technology Road Show – Precise agriculture”

Precision agriculture, innovation, technology, social, trends – these are some of the words that described the event “Technology Road Show – Precise a...

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The latest technologies and innovative solutions about sowing and spraying with Trimble

Currently, more and more farmers are choosing to focus on the latest technologies in agriculture, even to control the application of nutrients for cro...

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